‘You’re Laying ME Off? That’s Embarrassing For You…’ — Funny Tiktok Sketch Has Gen Z Worker Shaming The Company For Being Broke AF

In the modern corporate landscape, layoffs have become an unfortunate reality that countless individuals have had to face. These unsettling moments can be emotionally draining, leaving individuals questioning their worth and purpose. It’s during these times that finding humor may seem like an impossible task, with the weight of disappointment and uncertainty looming large.

However, what if we dared to take a step back, take a deep breath, and allow ourselves to see the lighter side of the situation?

That’s the case with this recent Tiktok. Comedian @chriscoxtoks made a hilarious sketch where he shamed a corporation for laying him off, calling them broke. Read on for the details.


You’re laying ME off? That’s embarassing for you… #techlayoffs #techlayoff #layoffs #genzhumor #corporatehumor #corporatememes #corporategenz #corporatelife #generationalhumor #9to5life

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Mike Primavera

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