Darkly Funny Rejected Children’s Book Covers (12 Pics)

There’s funny and then there’s darkly funny, and this one is solidly in the latter category. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Children’s books are supposed to be light, maybe a little educational, and rarely just funny enough to make you smirk. These are dark, aren’t educational at all, and will definitely make you laugh. Or at least sigh sadly. Hey, I said they were darkly funny.

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18 Confusing Pics That Will Make You Look Twice

These pics basically have “replay value” built right in, because you’ll need to look twice to really understand what’s going on. Sometimes when you see something weird or impossible for a second you probably think “okay, I’ve been instantaneously transported to another dimension where magic is real and anything is possible”. And then you look twice and see that; nope, you are in the same dimension as normal and still have student loans to pay off.

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17 Hilarious Book Dedications For Your Reading List

Book dedications are one of the last vestiges of the serious. They conjure the image of some battled artistic genius, who after years of struggle and inspiration has arrived at the conclusion of their epic, and finally, with their last ounce of mental energy, they spiritually link the book to the memory of some haunted lost love. That’s one way to do it. Another (better) way is to just do a funny book dedication.

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