45 Kids Who Get An “A” At Getting An “F”

As a man who graduated from college with literally a 2.02 GPA, I’m very much familiar with the art of failing a test. And it is an art! It takes time and practice to go beyond simply not knowing an answer to being creative enough to JUST MAYBE humor your teacher into giving you a D- for being utterly unprepared. These students have clearly put in the time to master that skill…


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Good Luck Getting Through This Post And Still Wanting Kids (43 Pics)

As a father of one (soon to be two #humblebrag) I feel it’s my duty to clearly and convincingly make the case that if you’re thinking about having kids of your own, you definitely shouldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, being fruitful and multiplying has its advantages. For example, you can take a standard dependent deduction on your taxes. Plus you can take a deduction on some of their medical expenses as well as their daycare expenses. And also there are other deductions.

But there are a lot of disadvantages too. For example, they break all your s**t (and don’t even feel sorry for it), get you sick once a month, completely eat up your free time, and good luck trying to take a dump or watch porn without one of these little urchins barging in and ruining everything.

I guess my point is, if you like taking dumps and porn, you should very carefully study the following list before moving forward. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT HAVING KIDS IS LIKE:

1. First off, they always make you feel bad about yourself…

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