20 Jokes You’ll Understand When You’re Older

Getting older is everybody’s business. From the time you can walk you’re looking down at people that can only crawl with a smirk. But where childhood is all waiting to become an adult, actually being an adult is like joining a different world. Wait, stuff I do actually matters? And I’m in control of my own life? It’s a bit frightening. Which is why I’m trying to regress and become a child again.

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23 Times Google Translate Failed Miserably

Google translate is great, but it’s not perfect. You can use it to “sort of” understand things, but when it comes to printing stuff out as a sign? Using it for your business name? Maybe try to hire an actual translator instead of a mindless algorithm. These translation failures are great because instead of just producing bad homework answers they are immortalized for all time.

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22 Times Power Point Presentations Didn’t Suck

Power point presentations usually feel designed to incite complete boredom. The slow pace, the bland figures, the dumb and obvious content. They’re a great cure for sleep. But believe it or not there were actually times in history — a few scattered incidents — where power point presentations somehow, magically, did not suck. Join us in traveling to this magical world.

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25 Tweets That Might Actually Warm That Cold, Dead Heart Of Yours

Twitter can be a big ol steaming garbage fire sometimes, but here are some times it wasn’t. These tweets will give you the warm fuzzies, and not the kind you need to ask your doctor about.


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